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Find Top Talent

Talent Sourcing

Utilising a broad range of sourcing techniques and strategies, we will help you find the right people for your business. We will consult with you to understand the skills and experience necessary for your requirement and work closely with you to supply pre-qualified, suitable individuals for consideration.


Candidate Interviews

Horizon Talent Solutions provide full support to our clients throughout the interview process and will adjust our approach depending on your requirements. If you already have a well-established interview structure, we can align effortlessly. If you feel additional support is required, then we will work with you to design a process that is efficient and can deliver on your needs. 

Informative Interview

Securing the best talent

Deciding who to hire is just the beginning. The Horizon Talent Solutions team have been involved in hundreds of hiring processes, so we know the potential obstacles and how to overcome them. We will help you with offer management, onboarding, new start process and post start check-ins to ensure the successful candidate settles into their new role.

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